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The Ukrainian Clinical Research Market covers a population of more than 45 million people and a large population of treatment naïve patients. There are over 1000 research sites with well-qualified investigators in vast array medical specialties. Investigators that SPRI Ukraine collaborates with generally have 5-10 years of clinical research experience, are GCP trained, and most hold a PhD in addition to their medical license.

In Ukraine, Clinical Trials Regulations are harmonized with respect to current European Directives and ICH GCP.


  1. Large patient pool - with a population of more than 45 Million, the country represents the second largest patient pool in Eastern Europe, that makes it easier and faster to recruit patients.
  2. Strong healthcare system with a centralized structure and vertical referral system - which implies that principal investigators can recruit patients from the regional population without any competition inside. Both Primary and specialist care is structured around big hospitals and encompasses a large population. Ukraine's strong healthcare infrastructure also gives it an extra edge over its neighboring countries in conducting clinical trials. In 2007, there were 9.8 doctors and 4.8 hospital beds for every thousand people, which is larger not only by developing country standards but also by Western European standards.
  3. Still the number of clinical trials is significantly fewer, compared to the USA and Western Europe, leaving enough space for notably high enrollment rates and possibly still with drug-naive patients in many therapeutic areas.
  4. ICH-GCP compliance principles incorporated into legislation.
  5. High level of qualification of investigators for conducting clinical trials. As a result – high quality clinical trial data.
  6. Savings in costs - average cost per patient in Eastern Europe is 28% lower than in Western Europe and 47% than in the UK Possibility to reduce clinical trial expenditure by using local CRO's and labs.

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