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  • Patient recruitment, as the single most time consuming aspect of clinical trials, affords the greatest opportunity to accelerate trials and the drug development process. Faster patient recruitment is a win-win situation for drug companies and patients, alike. Drug companies get their products to market faster, and patients get the treatments they need sooner.
  • Each and every client is important to us. Our CRO team reviews each study on a weekly basis to identify issues and potential solutions before they become problems.
  • Our CRO focuses on bringing regional independent monitors together as a team to approach outsourced clinical services and provides an infrastructure to this team for the best chance of success.

Key Ukraine Benefits

Patient population is about 45 197 226 people

Good healthcare infrastructure

Large Number of Potential Subjects

Cost saving

Population is eager to receive treatment within clinical trials

Centralized Healthcare System with good referral system of patients

Why SPRI Ukraine

Fast and Qualified Enrollment

Fast project start-up

High quality CRO service

Competitive pricing

Professional team and teamwork

High quality clinical research

Local Expertise

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Regulatory process in Ukraine